Track RSS Subscribers on Your Blog with Google Analytics Goals

April 8th, 2010 → 10:24 pm @ Rob Kingston

Subscribers mean extra readership - and quite often, extra revenue. Therefore, it makes sense to track them, so you can measure your progress relative to your effort. Here’s a simple way to track visitors who click on your RSS feed link on your page. First, Adding the Code It’s really quite simple to do. Within [...]


10 Dangerous Analytics Assumptions

April 1st, 2010 → 1:23 pm @ Rob Kingston

Assumptions can be dangerous, especially when making important decisions off assumptions. The more you make, the more convoluted and abstract the truth becomes. Here are a few you might like to become aware of: 1. People coming to your site are engaged from the get go In reality, people may be doing something else while [...]


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