I’m Rob Kingston, a “Brisbane ex-pat” passionate about the web. I’m fortunate enough to work at a top search marketing firm in Melbourne, Australia specialising in conversion optimisation (and no, I’m not spelling “optimisation” wrong - that’s how we spell it down under). I was brought on board to help develop the conversion optimisation product and provide a service to clients (in industries like gifts, apparel, banking & finance, real estate, hospitality and general ecommerce sites).

What I love about conversion optimisation projects is that you get to lead businesses to make major changes to the way they operate online and watch them benefit massively. As an added bonus, you get to learn what matters in particular industries. So the more tests you run, the better your intuition becomes for building great websites. And let’s face it - you can become pretty darn valuable after testing for some time.

Besides optimising other people’s sites, I run a couple of my own which I get to test my ideas on. Most of them run AdSense (yep, I’m lazy like that) and are based on some random themes like renewable energy, the environment and estate law. They send me nice cheques each month, but it’s more interesting to watch them grow and run tests on.

At work I’m one of the go to guys on Google Analytics, Website Optimizer and conversion optimisation. This blog is focused on these topics, so I hope you find it useful.

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  • Favourite foods: Modern Australian, Hungarian, Alaskan King crab, anything from David Jones deli and Suomalainen pannu kakku
  • Favourite TV shows: Man vs. Wild, Special Ops Mission, The Office, House, documentaries etc.
  • Interests: Websites, music, trying new things and peak experiences…
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