What I can help you find

Need a fresh take on your website? I can help. With a quick review of your site I can help you to identify:

  • Barriers to conversion
  • Potential solutions to problems on your site
  • Opportunities for higher revenue or conversion rates
  • Tools and software
  • Analytics problems

What makes me qualified?

For starters, I’ve got 4 years of industry experience and I’ve been online and building websites for more than half of my life. But my passion alone shouldn’t be the only reason - here are some more reasons:

  • I’ve got a Bachelor of Business (Marketing with an IMC specialistation)
  • I’m currently undertaking a Master of Business (Marketing)
  • I’ve conducted webinars on successful conversion optimisation
  • I’ve been interviewed on conversion optimisation
  • I’m fairly tech savvy

Enough about me…

Why is it free?

My hope is that you will continue to follow me on Twitter (where I distribute my posts) and if I really impress, hopefully you’ll share my site with friends and link back to me.

Will it be free forever?

Probably not.

Why only 5 minutes?

Because it’s free and I don’t have all the time in the world to service hundreds of hours (assuming it will become this popular) worth of requests.

How to claim it

It’s easy to do. Just follow these steps…

1. Follow me on Twitter and post your URL to me.

2. If possible send specific instructions. i.e. “I want to improve my checkout to reduce abandonment rates”, “Review my landing page” etc.

3. Wait for your free review - allow 48hrs before re-contacting me.

Request your free site review

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